The best advice of all

yrmama has lived in eastern Iowa most of her long, long, life and while she cares about politics a lot, especially now that Donald is around all the time, she has never been very involved. Thanks to Donald, that is finally changing. She can’t remember facts and figures because although illustrative, they are too boring, but she will not hesitate to give you free, unsolicited advice on who to elect as president in 2020.

Last time around the opportunity to spend eight months shaking Barack’s hand before participating in the February caucus seemed too normal to be interesting. Candidates are here ALL THE TIME, drinking their down-homey pie shakes and trying to gauge the perfect balance between hayseed folksy and liberally urbane for each Iowa group they face. They’ll all be at the state fair in August, perhaps wearing plaid shirts and feed caps and eating pork chops on sticks, and then at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner blowout in the fall, but the first rounds of visits have already being happening here for months. If a candidate can’t make it in Iowa they won’t make it anywhere. That’s a lot of power we Iowans have and yrmama, like most people, takes it for granted.

But the deal is, yrmama’s generation and everyone older (you know who you are) has been sucking hard at actually fixing things. A whole lot of things have gotten a whole lot worse recently. I know this is mess is just the death throes of the patriarchy, but time’s up, fellow aging hippies. We have to let the kids lead the way.

Climate change is the first thing. All the other things you should care about are connected and interconnected with that – racism, the stupid two-party system, guns and the people who use them to shoot other people just to create a stir, equal rights for women, immigration for God’s sake, access to health care and education. I’m not going to explain how everything is related to climate change right now, but believe me, all of us who live near sea level are fucked and all your other “issues” are going to be cranked up to high broil if you don’t take it seriously.

Who is your current favorite?

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