Amy Klobuchar – Iowa City Public Library, May 4


Amy had two Iowa City events Saturday and yrmama made herself go to only one of them. It was a whole new campaigning format to experience! Up until Saturday we’d experienced the Meet-n-Greet, the Town Hall, the House Party, and the Podcast Taping (which isn’t one of the standard formats, but it was a format.) Amy’s mid-afternoon event at the library was a Roundtable. There were about 50 audience people, mostly sitting on chairs, and a horse-shoe of tables in the front with chairs for about 10 local people who work with mental health policy issues. They were a couple of state senators, NAMI representatives, stuff like that.

Amy blew into the room only a little late and as she blew she said “Hello!” to each person she passed and shook their hand. yrmama was one of them! Amy is very upper-midwestern, which is a good thing, and a take-charge gal. She talked about her mental health policy proposal and then called on each of the horse-shoe people to say something from their perspective. After that the audience people could say things. It was all very focussed and substantive and I left feeling like she should really keep up the good work she is doing legislating, but was not able to picture her as a president. That might have been different if I’d gone to the Meet-n-Greet at the Mill later and listened to her stump speech.

Here’s Amy during the Kavanaugh hearings if you need a refresher on her style: Brett-n-Amy. She’s good.

DONALD-MANAGEMENT POSTSCRIPT (given his recent impeachment-goading behavior):

Here I paraphrase Pete in reference to Donald. “He has the ability to take any attention and devour it and grow bigger from it, so we could be feeding the beast by competing to see who can deliver the biggest punch or the most devastating zinger. That reveals him as the one everyone is trying to impress.” Any attention good or bad is just sucked into his molten core.

yrmama says a successful presidential candidate will have no illusions about Donald or his evil intent but will, nonetheless, work around him and beyond him. That’s why making it 2012 again isn’t good enough, Joe. Bypass the ogre and move on ahead. We have to start living in the future right now! The job of successful currently serving legislators is to wrangle this King Kong of a toddler that is Donald. The job of successful presidential candidates is to convince us of their vision and leadership for after this shit show.

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