Jay Inslee – Ellis Park, Cedar Rapids June 8

Mother Mosque in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
the oldest existing mosque in the United States

A solid 150 folk clumped up at the picnic tables in a park pavilion overlooking the Cedar River. The route there is through the Northwest and Time Check neighborhood – visually dominated by acres of flat, mowed green space populated by a few flocks of Canada geese. Here and there are a small house, and the small white Mother Mosque of America. It was a human neighborhood until the big ole flood of 2008 covered ten square miles of the city. The air was soft and warm with just enough breeze to blow the gnats off.

State Senator Rob Hogg introduced the other dignitaries in the crowd; other state senators, climate action group leaders etc, and Jay, long-serving Governor of Washington state. Jay says the only thing any of us should be discussing right now is climate change. It’s now or never, there’s no time left. We have the technology and ready workforce to make the necessary infrastructure changes in the next several years, the sticking point is political will. If we can’t get over ourselves it’s gonna get hot in here.

Putting folks to work on those changes will restructure the economy, add 47 bajillion jobs and in the wake provide the opportunity to fix everything else meaning immigration, education, justice, health care and gender pay equity. Jay says Donald “can’t run a two car funeral,” so there is no hope of leadership in the right direction with him around.

Jay thinks we are nearing a tipping point where the urgency wave will intersect with the promise-of-jobs-wave. Already the green jobs sector (solar installation, EVs, wind turbines etc) is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy.

Donald bloviates about tariffs and coal mines and tries to scare the bejeezus out of you while the world and human consciousness grow and evolve all around us.

NEXT! Cory in Iowa City the very same night, and a server tells yrmama it’s time to stop drinking.

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