Pete Wins Greene Square Park, June 8

Greene Square Park is the main green space in downtown Cedar Rapids, right between the art museum and beautiful public library. On the weekend where 20 candidates were scrambling around holding pre and pre-pre-Hall of Fame Events, I think the fact that Pete’s staff scored the primo location says a lot.

lil puppies for Pete

It was one of those nothing so rare as a day in June days with low humidity, warm sun and no bugs.Several hundred of us got lunch from food trucks, played corn hole and frisbee, listened to a local band, Relaxed Fit, dogspotted and held focus groups while waiting the customary hour for Pete to arrive. It was very pleasant.

Pete took the stage and did a five minute version of his stump speech – Freedom, Security and Democracy – then circulated a little, ate some ice cream, played corn hole with someone and then got back onstage to play keyboard with the band. He’s a real good sport.

yrmama’s daughter Serena Williams gave her summary assessment, “He’s so little and cute. He seems really friendly. And he speaks well.” She has clearly inherited hermama’s ability to judge a person’s character quickly and succinctly.

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