Clover Bottom

In Nashville I paid a quick visit to Clover Bottom Mansion, associated with my dear cousin, Anthony Clopton (1770-1848). He came from a Clopton plantation in Goochland, Virginia and married wealthy Rhoady Hoggatt in 1804. He and Andrew Jackson, a Hoggatt neighbor and close friend, were central members of the Clover Bottom Jockey Club before Andrew moved to the White House. Apparently everyone had a sparkling social life. A Hoggatt of the next generation had this mansion built in 1859 as the centerpiece of the 1,500 acre plantation. Out back there was pretty much an entire village of 60 enslaved people living in little cabins.

I know being impressed by this (impressed is not necessarily good) exposes my clueless Yankee core, but there you have it.

yrmama at Clover Bottom Mansion, now housing the Tennessee Historical Commission, the State Historic Preservation Office
remaining slave cabins at Clover Bottom

OMG so boring

Apparently this phase of the Iowa Caucus lead-up is really boring. It might be time for more people to start dropping out hint hint. Then again, caucus night is still six months away. No one can pay attention this long! They don’t have anything new to say! And I’m so bored with checking my news apps every two hours to see what Donald’s up to! Let’s get this administration over with already.

A while back I did go to DesMoines for the candidate forum on gun violence and saw them all in action again. Kamala wore jeans, that was a nice sartorial choice. Elizabeth bounded onto the stage and literally bounced up and down in her chair like a little kid because she was so excited to respond to questions. Pete was brilliant. Joe blathered. It was all the same stuff even though it was worthwhile and an important topic.

Michael Bloomberg spoke. The whole thing was sponsored by Mothers Demand Action, Students Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety, all great organizations. Michael founded and funds Everytown and it really showed. There were ample chairs, A/C, great sound and lighting, smooth logisitics and FREE FOOD. There was a hot breakfast buffet set up when we arrived, sandwiches for lunch, and snacks and drinks all day. Thanks Michael!

Meanwhile yrmama has been attempting to turn her geneology obsession into a spiritual family history/memoir. You might say, “but yrmama! What happened to that novel you wrote twice, and your neglected political blog, and your Etsy shop? Are you someone who can’t finish anything or are you a creative genius?” To which I’d reply, “The proof is definitely not in the pudding.”

Rebel Wear

When I’m feeling rebellious I like to go out and bike around wearing normal clothes. Like – clothes I would wear all day, like a skirt and a t shirt. This afternoon I intersected with a gentleman old enough to be my father out for a spin on his three-wheeler. It’s the kind of bike I’ll want when my balance gets worse. He was also wearing completely normal clothes – shorts and a button up shirt. We both had huge grins on our faces.

#youarentinthetourdefrance #losethelycra