Clover Bottom

In Nashville I paid a quick visit to Clover Bottom Mansion, associated with my dear cousin, Anthony Clopton (1770-1848). He came from a Clopton plantation in Goochland, Virginia and married wealthy Rhoady Hoggatt in 1804. He and Andrew Jackson, a Hoggatt neighbor and close friend, were central members of the Clover Bottom Jockey Club before Andrew moved to the White House. Apparently everyone had a sparkling social life. A Hoggatt of the next generation had this mansion built in 1859 as the centerpiece of the 1,500 acre plantation. Out back there was pretty much an entire village of 60 enslaved people living in little cabins.

I know being impressed by this (impressed is not necessarily good) exposes my clueless Yankee core, but there you have it.

yrmama at Clover Bottom Mansion, now housing the Tennessee Historical Commission, the State Historic Preservation Office
remaining slave cabins at Clover Bottom

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