Warren/Buttigieg? Warren/Harris? Winfrey/Obama?

Clearly yrmama has stopped going to every show that comes to town – she’s heard all the stump speeches, experienced all the first impressions. She’s amused and pleased to see that all the pronouncements she made based on those first impressions are proving true. She’s waiting for the next stage to really kick in. What is the next stage? I guess we’ll find out.

yrmama has 3 political t-shirts now. The first bears an American flag with the stars replaced by a qr code for a website where you can register to vote. She bought it from the Parkland kids. The second says Elizabeth Warren 2020 and the third is a rainbow Pete logo. Elizabeth and Pete are still running neck in neck for my heart and I am so so so sorry that we let it get to this point, where kids are likely to get shot at school and any crowd that forms anywhere instantly feels like a minefield

Do you remember how Barack made us feel? Way back when? His deep voice oozed with intelligence and compassion and when he was done talking yrmama wanted so badly to invite him and Michelle and the girls over for dinner because we were all going to be best friends. I planned for my son to go to college with Sasha so maybe, just maybe, we could be inlaws too.

Sigh. That’s how he got elected. His slow-jam made me feel safe and loved. But that’s also how Donald got elected. He stood there and bellowed in a way that somehow exhilarated people.

Beto’s punk-rock, “Hell yes,” side has potential. Kamala is starting to seem too smug. IDK.

Pete is incredibly talented and could be the guy. His speaking soothes the savage beast. He makes everything feel manageable if we buckle down and trust the fundamentals of democracy. He’s adorable. Everyone loves him.

And Elizabeth. There is something indescribable about her that is most evident when you see her in person. She’s really pulling something amazing together. Listen this podcast about her rallies – https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/20/podcasts/the-daily/elizabeth-warren-rally.html The thing that really convinces me about her ability to pull this off is imagining her onstage with Donald. Remember how he menacingly followed Hillary around while she talked? Now picture him trying that with Elizabeth. She would swing around and lay him out flat without missing a beat.

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