yes, there was granola at Woodstock

yrmama “watched” the debate last night from the floor, right under the television. As I let gravity try to coax my wonky joints into alignment I closed my eyes and allowed the sweet, smart voices to swirl around my head and mix in with the deep breaths intended to aid gravity and perhaps alleviate the ongoing pain of an upper spine made of corn flakes and Elmers glue.

Observed: Corey and Pete’s voices are a lot alike. And Amy, oh Amy, her accent just sounds like home to me.

While I would still be happy for any of them to serve in the white house (ugh. Joe.) I have a new vision. Amy and Pete. Pete and Amy. Arguably the two smartest candidates on the stage who both make me feel safe and secure. Lets see what it’s like for the country to be led by the idealistic pragmatism that typifies what I love about the upper midwest! What if the president and/or the vice president (talking about Amy here) looked and sounded that much like yrmama? Wouldn’t that be something?

Everyone pushing 80 needs to go home and sign up for a Silver Sneakers exercise class and I’m not even kidding. They think they’re all that, but they have to get over their arrogance about being young in the 1960’s or whatever it is. There’s nothing wrong with that, but they aren’t the only worthwhile humans.

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