Amy, the Young Boomer

The other day a dear friend of yrmama’s turned 84, not 64, 84. Before we spent his entire birthday dinner talking about Pete, he told me he’d like yrmama to say more about Amy.

Well, Amy has the best of all the campaign colors – bright green – hopeful, down to earth, intense and yrmama’s favorite color.

Star Tribune

Amy has a robust Angela Merkel vibe, and a bit of Jimmy Carter.

Amy looks like yrmama and that’s a very good thing. The first time I saw her in person she walked right up to me as she entered the room, even though I was sitting in a stupid folding chair, shook my hand and introduced herself. 10 points!

Amy has the upper midwestern pragmatic, no-frills, nails for breakfast approach to politics layered over formidable intelligence, experience and leadership that any politician would pay a bundle for if they could sit down in a salon chair and say, “just give me an Amy.”

I would be thrilled to have Amy as president, but I think better yet, as Pete’s vice president for eight years and then president.

Amy’s commendable youthfulness is worth another 20 points. She was born in in 1960, which keeps her from being one of the “old yelling white guys” that has dominated our country for too long.

Our friend Elizabeth (1949) totally counts as an “old yelling white guy.” She jogs down the runway to the stage, pumping her gloved fists in the air to demonstrate her vigor and focus on fighting. I love Elizabeth, but if she won even she would be the oldest president ever elected to office. And she’s an old yelling white guy and it’s time to be done with that.

Joe, six years older than Elizabeth, also jogs around the stage bouncing as though he’s entered a boxing ring. He pauses to do wave-and-points into the crowd, as if he could see that far.

Donald, W, and Bill were all born in 1946. Barack (1961) gave us a tantalizing taste of generational change, but with Donald’s electoral-college-only victory we were back to the 1946ers. They are old enough to be Amy’s father. They are old enough to be Pete’s grandfathers. I think the old guard boomers have had their turn and we are ready for leadership that looks into the future. Beating Donald isn’t enough if we don’t want to just swing back to another 1946er in another four years and we shouldn’t settle for that. We need leadership that will help us start building out what comes next.


2 thoughts on “Amy, the Young Boomer

  1. At the last major election I turned to my better half and said, “I’m putting a moratorium on voting for white men.” and she blinked a few times. “Like no matter what?” She said, doubting the soundness of my declaration. “Yep, absolutely. I’m not saying I’ll veer across the road just to do it, but I won’t cast a vote for a white man again.” and so far, so good.

    They’ve had their run and proven that there are most certainly others who can do it better.


    • yrmama thinks that is an excellent project. Here we are in the death throes of the patriarchy and while it is ugly, it is a sure indication that the end is near. Be brave. Hold fast.


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