A Few of the People Enslaved by the Clopton Family in Virginia

Disclaimer: I don’t profess to be anything but a very amateur genealogist. So if you glom on to some information from me you have to promise to recheck and verify it at least three times before you repeat it. That said, I’ve got my spreadsheets and trees and expandable file bursting and computer glasses hanging on a cord thingy on my neck. yrmama is the real deal. Feel free to contact me.

So below are some names and birthdates of some of the people enslaved by my direct ancestors or thereabouts. I hope that their connection to the Clopton family tree will be of use to someone else trying to trace their enslaved or enslaving ancestors. (“Thereabouts” is real because of all the repeated names living in the same counties at the same time. Seriously. I have two William Cloptons, first cousins, born in 1721 in New Kent County. Everyone wanted to have at least one son named William Clopton, after the immigrant patriarch, and a daughter named Frances. And to also marry someone named Frances if at all possible.)

1784 – New Kent County Virginia, John Clopton:

  1. Landon
  2. Harry
  3. Dolstra (or something like that, hard to make out)
  4. Dick

1704-1713 – St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County Virginia, William Clopton:

  1. Nane, 29 April, 1704
  2. Jno, 25 June, 1710 (Jno is a common abbreviation of John)
  3. ___bin, 6 June, 1706
  4. _____, 8 May, 1707
  5. _____, 30 May, 1713

1714-1730 – St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, Robert Clopton:

  1. _____, 7ber 25th, 174?
  2. girl, 12, ___ember, 1715?
  3. Hannah, 5 February, 1717
  4. Dick, 18 November 1719
  5. Judy, 17th May, 1725
  6. Pompey, 27 September, 1726
  7. Venus, 20 March, 1727
  8. Moll, 31 March, 1729
  9. Richard, 5 June 172?, baptized 19 August, 172?
  10. Also a man named Dick belonging to Robert died 1 April, 1720

Walter Clopton – also St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent, Virginia:

  1. Nanny, 6 April, 1720
  2. Jammey, 31 March, 1726

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