The Dog Days of COVID

These days, how are your powers of concentration? How about perception and introspection? Discernment? Do you find your insight sharpening? No pressure – I’m just saying if we are going to use this here global upheaval as an impetus for the evolution of human consciousness it is time to get on the stick.

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Or are you one of those ends-timers? In 1999 did you make sure all your important documents were securely in ziplocs before New Years because the pipes probably would burst at midnight when the entire infrastructure of the modern world collapsed? Have you taken them out of the ziplocs yet? Do you find your prepper mentality to be spiritually nourishing?

Have you remembered that actually nothing is real except for the moment that is right in front of your nose? I’m not even kidding. All that exists is some kind of energy and our weird human reality is our experience of that energy in various forms, mediated by our weird human bodies. Blobs of molecules which themselves are blobs of concentrated energy (E=MC2).

Energy in – sound vibrations, light vibrations, touch – some turned into thoughts by the mechanisms of our weird human brains.

Energy out = whatever we make of all that in any given moment. B

Don’t forget. And if nothing is real, in the weird conventional human sense, nothing matters. As Andrew Yang taught us, you can just say, “Whatever, it’s cool,” and you will feel better.

Whatever, it’s cool Just try it.

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