Seven Questions for Your SpiritualQuest

Have you forgiven yourself yet for doing almost nothing lately?

Have you learned to trust yourself yet?

While we’re at it, do you trust anyone?

Is it okay with you that a human life, at its longest, is very short?

Have you forgiven yourself in light of the fact that no matter how hard you work you won’t get everything done in time to die?

Do you trust me?

Have you resolved to say, “fuck it,” and forgive anyone who ever did you wrong? Btdubs, this will give you an upper hand so high I don’t even want to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Seven Questions for Your SpiritualQuest

  1. Long ago I sat for lunch with a very old friend and said “I fear I have not faith nor allegiance.” and he asked “to what?” and I said, “Anything, really. It’s disturbing to not have a real good reason to do things.” and he said, “The 50’s were a lobotomy of American culture. What goes around comes around and by then it’s picked up speed.” and I said “So dissatisfaction is it’s own recourse?” and he said “You’re taking it all too seriously.” and I enjoyed my sandwich. And the company.


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