You might ask, “Who is yrmama?”

The blog, freeadvicefromyrmama is a daily lifestyle blog written in the voice of yrmama. Topics always include dogs, politics, style, genealogy and cultural commentary.

Constance Schumm
aka yrmama

You might ask, “Who is yrmama?”

And I would say, “Several years ago when all 17 (Fine, 4. whatever) of my children still lived in this house I left lots of notes, mostly in the kitchen. They said things like Don’t Eat This Yet or Do Your Chores Before You Even Ask Me For A Ride Anywhere or Be Sure All The Laundry Baskets Are Shoved Under This Table So I Can Walk Through Here. I started signing them, yrmama. Then yrmama started to develop into a persona. An alter ego.”

yrmama tours the facilities and takes up slack.* She’s bossy and considers it free advice. Everyone is better for it. Her fingernails shine like justice.*

*Thanks, Cake.