It’s All True – yrmama has allied

Three members of yrmama‘s immediate household, including yrmama, now sport Pete shirts in public. The baldest among us has a Boot Edge Edge hat as well and is an official campaign volunteer. We have three Pete 2020 yard signs in place.


The first night the signs were up our most mentally healthy dog barked and barked and barked at one of them, there all ghostly and white in the twilight. He was alerting me to a strange new object in the landscape. I let him sniff it and now he is going to caucus for Pete too.

It is no longer too early for an Iowan to think seriously about who to caucus for. It’s only a few weeks until the Democratic Party holds the Liberty and Justice Celebration at the Wells Fargo Arena in DesMoines. It used to be called the Jefferson Jackson Dinner and is the event where young Barack made an impression as a genuine contender. So if you are there, as yrmama intends to be, and are supporting someone in particular it can really make a pre-caucus difference.

I’ll still support whichever Democrat gets the nomination, especially if it’s Elizabeth and not Joe, even if it is Joe. But Pete has won yrmama‘s jaded old battered middle-aged heart.