yrmama sprained her ankle and was given the boot

the Pro Care XcelTrax Air Ankle Walker
a very nice boot


In addition to spraining her ankle yrmama also watched the second debate, which was more thrilling than the first. I predicted Kamala would break from the pack, and she did. I also saw her standing there – and long before she shushed the bickering children and eviscerated Joe – thought she looked like she was in charge of the event. Joe, Bernie and Bill all relied on the tried-tired-and-true method of being white men who yell and looked stupid for it.

  • Tomorrow Marianne will be speaking at a church service in Cedar Rapids and then holding a town hall there at noon. Should be an interesting scene.
  • Bernie will be in town Tuesday to open his Iowa City office and to have an ice cream social at College Green Park. Ice cream! Yelling!
  • July 14 is the Progress Iowa Corn Feed at NewBo Market. So far 10 of the candidates plan to be there.

The Ankle

On Tuesday yrmama strode across the deck in her especially stable New Balance shoes after walking a couple of miles at the dog park, completing her foot and ankle strengthening exercises and her balance improving exercises to pick some luscious organic arugula for her lunch. She wobbled a bit and her ankle tipped over in such a way that all of her considerable weight was on the top of her foot instead of the bottom. Something cracked, she screamed a little from the intense pain, then lowered herself into the grass to cry and say bad words for a while. No dogs to blame this time, no ice, marbles or banana peels, just gravity. Doctors and PTs always try to blame those things for yrmama’s falls and say, “yrmama, that happens to everyone.” To which yrmama replies, “I don’t know anyone at the advanced age of 55 who wipes out, falls down, goes arse over tits as frequently as I do. I’m not imagining this.” It’s not like there’s anything they can do about it, it just sucks. A few years ago a doctor who was checking yrmama for fractures was concerned by the immense, ghastly bruises across my chest and upper arm and wondered if JM had pushed me down the steps or something. He’s no danger to me, quite the opposite, but she was right to check. Another time I cut my shin whilst falling up the stairs at the public library. When I reached the top a kind young reference librarian, alarmed by the blood trickling down my leg, asked if I was okay and if I would like a band aid. I proudly declined.

Do nothing to compromise your dignity. Admitting to a reference librarian that one’s leg is bleeding is just weak.

Fun and Useful Facts: Hypermobility makes one’s joints loose which leaves the whole chain of command wobbly. It also impairs one’s sense of where one’s body is in space aka clumsiness. As a child yrmama was so clumsy as to be sent to a remedial Saturday morning PE class that the school district provided for the clumsy kids. It was a long time ago so Ehlers Danlos hadn’t been invented yet. But that’s just as well because considering the anciency of times and my parents I would have been discouraged from exercising which would have been very counterproductive.

Oh Bernie – Bernie Sanders – Cedar Rapids June 7

Common Dreams, INC

Friday afternoon JM and yrmama parked one of our many Teslas in a hospital ramp and hightailed it over to Sinclair Auditorium. It was a ticketed event, a taping of Political Party Live, but since Bernie is famous we wanted to be early enough to claim good seats. One hour before the door opens was not early enough for Pete or Elizabeth so we felt we were cutting it close. But no, three people stood by the door at 5.

The only people who eat supper before six live in institutions (Hi Martha!), so we were waiting until after even though I was hungry. It was starting to look like a long haul especially since the earliness was wasted. yrmama reclined on a shady bench nearby and waited for a decent line to form. ——–> fast forward ——-> the auditorium was half full if I’m being generous; a couple hundred people. Elizabeth Moen and her band played a great opening set, two guests spoke, and then Bernie appeared.

He’s tall, but stooped. He’s got a very powerful voice and when people start applauding before he’s done making his point he waves his irritated hand to shush them. He’s less of his caricature in person and I can see why people like him. Everything is about economic justice.

Bernie made it sound like he’s not feeling the idea of reparations for ADOS. Instead, he wants to invest a lot in disadvantaged neighborhoods which he says would end up doing the same thing and help other folks simultaneously.

yrama says, “hmph. That’s evasive and doesn’t even acknowledge the issue.”

You might say, “but yrmama, isn’t money the issue?”

yrmama would then reply, “Money isn’t an apology and it’s certainly not 40 acres and a mule which in today’s money would be at least $700,000 and a Ford F150 or two.” The big dum dum, what’s he thinking? Even if you don’t want to do reparations you have to make it sound like you understand.

I don’t know what Bernie did all day Saturday, but on Sunday he was walking and yelling with a group of protesting McDonald’s workers in Cedar Rapids. I watched them moving down the street from an upper level of the hotel they were aiming for. Bernie’s head and neck were bright red and he didn’t look very to hearty to me.


1) Look. Listen. Listen! After the recent dearth of attention paid to yrmama by the candidates, things are picking up! It may be just a blip, but if not, buckle up.

Tonight Political Party Live is taping an interview with Bernie in Cedar Rapids. Tomorrow the podcast is interviewing Cory in Iowa City. Sunday 19 candidates will be speaking at the Democratic Party Hall of Fame event at the Hilton in Cedar Rapids. A bunch of them will be roaming around doing smaller appearances too, so yrmama intends to roam as well and make it like Pokemon Go. Options include morning Crossfit with Kirsten, marching around and yelling with Bernie and a group of McDonald’s workers who would like to be paid fairly, trailing Kirsten on downtown sidewalks while her schedule lists ‘visibility,’ letting John Delaney buy you lunch, meeting up with Marianne at a yoga studio, and playing cornhole with Pete at a picnic/party in Greene Square.

2) Donald. Why do you say he’s a ‘straight shooter’ who ‘tells it like it is’? Why do you ever believe him? Why on god’s green earth do you like him? Sit up and listen:

My new best friends, Karen and Georgia’s joint memoir Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered The Definitive How-To Guide is #1 on the NYT bestsellers list and that didn’t happen by accident. Their podcast listeners are the sexiest un-murdered folks around and we each have bought a few copies. Their book is organized around key principles, like Stay Out of the Woods, and Buy Your Own Shit. Much of their popularity is attributable to all the swearing – we Murderinos find it very empowering.

In the first chapter Georgia asks Karen why she thinks the primary principle, Fuck Politeness speaks so strongly to their followers. Karen says, (book 1, verse 3) “it’s what everyone wants to do but has been led to believe they’re not allowed to do. We’re giving you the permission to act in your own best interests before considering anyone else’s.”

So. Is that what you believe Donald is doing? Fucking politeness? He certainly doesn’t consider anyone’s interests above his own. He’s sticking up for you by sticking up for himself? Maybe.

Howsomever, in book 1, verse 74, Karen says, “The idea of fucking politeness isn’t about standing on a street corner shouting “Fuck You!” to anyone passing by. It’s a strategy for when someone tries to invade your space somehow. They started it. They’re the dick here.” Donald errs a bit towards yelling at everyone on the street corner, at everything he sees actually. He’s like an anxious dog barking into the dark woods, “I’m a dog! Don’t you dare! Fuck you! I’m a dog!”

The thing is, fucking politeness does not remove your moral obligation to be kind. You can absolutely consider your own best interest and use bad words and still be kind. yrmama knows for certain that if you are truly kind your manners matter in the long run. That’s where Donald falls the shortest. He lies (which is in itself unkind) and he’s a mean old man. Steer clear. Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered.