Re re re re Pete

Sunday afternoon I caught the end of a Pete event at College Green Park – Labor Day weekend was a busy one for the candidates. But even at the end of a long day I observed Pete giving his full attention to journalists and selfie seekers and responding thoughtfully. The small clump – couldn’t call it a crowd anymore, he was working his way towards his giant black SUV – was completely hushed. Everyone was straining their ears to catch a smidge of the conversations.

The Gazette
Pete Buttigieg Ramps Up Iowa Campaign

Talking softly is a power move and in stark contrast to standing under roaring helicopter rotors and yelling impatiently. I think that is Donald’s favorite way of talking to reporters because it says, “What. You want to talk to me here? Underneath this helicopter? Can’t you see I’m going somewhere? Go ahead, but I don’t have time to anything substantive, you flea.”

I think Pete is looking less like a twelve year old to me. It may be deliberate that he’s often seen now with five-o-clock shadow as in, “Hey. I am too old enough to grow a beard.” He has impressive squint lines around his eyes and a solid tan from standing around outside all the time, playing corn hole and taking selfies. Everyone still says, “well…I sure do like Pete” when I ask about their favorites.

Beto. He’s different now too since all the shooting in Texas. I think he is being his real self now, letting his emotions show and saying fuck a lot. I’m happy about that.

Beto competes with church and hangovers on Sunday morning – April 7

The underwhelming crowd of supporters waiting for the doors to open. The blurry campaign staffer on the left was a man of action though.

There was no need to arrive early at Beto’s town hall. See how the faithful appear pre-wilted waiting for the doors to open? It was 80F.

Inside there was not a rush for the best seats because the only chairs were in the roped-off ADA and Rep. Loebsack section.

The view from yrmama’s seat in the ADA pen. The man in the blue shirt is our Representative, Dave Loebsack. He and his wife got chairs because he is Dave Loebsack, not because he’s gimpy.

Inside it grew even hotter and everyone, even Beto, was red-faced and sweating. He is charming and slick and said good stuff. He was just fine.