Julian Castro – Political Party Live at The Mill – Sunday April 14

Rep. Joaquin Castro, left, and his twin brother, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/01/the-power-of-two-inside-the-rise-of-the-castro-brothers/440034/

Locally made podcast The Political Party has been interviewing presidential candidates who will sit down with them. So far they’ve snagged Kamala, Andrew Yang, Beto and last night, Julian Castro. Julian is an identical twin and his brother Joaquin is a congressman so that’s pretty fun.

Event-wise having food and beer was a huge plus. The audience had to really squish in too so we actually interacted with the stranger humans sharing our booth.

Spoken word artist Steven Willis opened for him and he was so good it felt rude to be taking bites of my Cobb salad while he performed. Julian is great, personable, young and experienced – he was Secretary of HUD during the Obama administration. I left wondering if Julian is tough enough – a leader needs a big personality, not just all the right answers.

Now this sweetie pie ——————>

on the other hand, with his very understated manner and mid-western humility oddly does seem to have a stealthy kind of ferocity that could go head to head with Donald.